Soccer Village Team Hub Sports Uniform Fittings and Ordering Information

Thank you for trusting Soccer Village to be your uniform provider! We take pride in being your source for Everything You Need to Play Soccer and look forward to serving you this season. Below, please find important things to know on how to get your best fit and placing your uniform or spirit wear order. 

Players & Families

  1. Ordering deadlines vary. You should expect this to be communicated directly to you by your club. Once tryouts are complete and teams are chosen, if you have not received any information on your uniform ordering deadline, please reach out to your club, coach, or send an email to us at It is extremely important that you work with your organization to understand and adhere to deadlines. 
  2. Uniforms are ordered through our secure on-line ordering portal, Team Hub Sports. Uniforms must be ordered by the deadline communicated by your club to ensure the best delivery date possible. You will need your Club Code which will be provided to you on your Club Ordering Form at the time of your fitting. For detailed guidance on using our secure ordering platform, Team Hub Sports, please download our Uniform Ordering Instructions. 
  3. We offer in-store fittings for organizations near our retail stores. As uniforms can fit differently between brands, styles, and players, we strongly recommend trying on samples. Watch for information from your club as to when stores will have uniform samples as well as which stores will have your particular samples. Please note: Fittings DO NOT take place in our Corporate HQ / Team Sales Office. Fittings take place at Soccer Village retail stores during regular store hours.

    Fitting Locations

  4. For clubs that are not near our retail stores, club admins can work with a team sales rep and determine the best way to coordinate uniform fittings. Links to manufacturers' sizing are also available below to help advise on what size to purchase. 

    Nike Uniform Sizing Charts

    Adidas Uniform Sizing Charts

    Under Armour Uniform Sizing Charts

    Puma Uniform Sizing Charts

Coaches & Admins

  • Roster submission deadlines vary. If you have questions about when your roster is due, please reach out to your Team Sales Rep or Team Customer Service.
  • Please be sure to include player name and number assignments.
  • Orders cannot be processed without player name and number assignments. Please provide these to Soccer Village on or before the roster submission deadline. Submitting rosters after the deadline may result in a delay in receiving uniforms. 
  • Submit your roster by email to

Delivery Dates

  • Delivery dates are not guaranteed. Ordering by the deadline ensures the best delivery dates possible.
  • Delivery of uniforms is prioritized by order date, product availability, and game schedule; not practices, training, camps, or scrimmages.
  • All orders must be paid in full before Soccer Village will process the order.
  • We rely on your club for number assignments on jerseys. Without this information, your order may be delayed.

Order Changes

  • Any customized product cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Non-customized items can be exchanged only and are not able to be returned.
  • Changes to your order for customized product may not be able to be made after the order is placed.
  • Once your credit card has been processed, the order cannot be canceled or refunded.
  • Any changes to non-customized items could delay delivery of your order. 

Have Questions?

Soccer Village has dedicated Team Customer Service experts who have the most current and accurate information and can give you the quickest answers to your uniform and spirit wear questions. To contact us, please send an email to or call us at 1-800-483-2690, option 1. Once again, we thank you for trusting us to provide your uniform and wish you an amazing soccer season!