All merchandise purchased from Soccer Village may be returned either to a store or by mail within 30 days of receiving it, unless otherwise noted below. Merchandise must be returned unworn, with original packaging, price tags attached and accompanied by the original invoice. Additional guidelines are noted below. Exclusions may apply. All returns are subject to acceptance by Soccer Village.

Items purchased on our Team Uniform site, Team Hub, will need to be returned via our Team Sales Department. Contact Team Sales via phone at 1-800-483-2690 option 1, or email to Effective immediately, no Team Hub orders can be returned at any of our retail stores. 

  • All returns will be refunded in the form of credit back on credit card, store credit, exchange or company check
  • There will be NO cash refunds of any type. We will issue a company check or store credit on all returned cash purchases. A company check may take up to 15 business days to receive
  • No refunds will be accepted for any unworn/unused items after 30 days from delivery
  • A copy of the order acknowledgement or invoice must accompany all returns 
  • Returned Special Order merchandise, unless defective, will be charged a 20% restocking fee
  • Footwear returns due to a defect will not be accepted for any reason 5 months after the original date of purchase
  • After 60 days, Soccer Village will charge a pro-rated fee the greatest of $10.00 or 25% per month on defective footwear for usage past the original warranty period 
  • Items customized with a name and number set may not be returned for any reason other than a manufacturer defect
  • Soccer Village will not reimburse customization costs if an item is returned due to a manufacturer defect
  • Customer must pay shipping on all returns or exchanges
  • Product shipped for return to any address other than this ship to will not receive any credit (Soccer Village Attn: Returns, 4370 Malsbary Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45242)
  • All items returned must be shipped using an appropriate packaging method such as a box, envelope mailer, bubble mailer, etc. Shoes or other items shipped in just the product box with a shipping label stuck to it will not be accepted or returned. Please return shoes in their original shoe box placed inside a shipping box or appropriately sized mailer.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice
  • All orders are subject to acceptance by Soccer Village


For ALL returns please fill out this form and print a copy to include in your return. Click Here to Download our Return Form



  • Worn out toes, cleats and soles on shoes
  • Damage from forcing heel into rear of shoe
  • Improper care (i.e. dry rotting, mildew, etc.)
  • Tongues that have been ripped or have been pulled out
  • Clothing damaged from improper laundering
  • Worn insoles
  • Stripped threads in removable cleated soles
  • Worn palms on goalkeeper gloves
  • Manufacturer's logos on merchandising coming off (i.e. stripes on shoes, logos screened on shorts, logos on balls worn off)
  • Any cosmetic related issue that does not effect the performance of the item
  • Any other reason as may be determined by the manufacturer from time to time



Footwear - 60 days * Shin guards - 60 days * Bags - 60 days * Clothing - 30 days * Ball - 1 year* Gloves- 30 days * All other products – 30 days


Footwear returns due to a defect will not be accepted for any reason 5 months (150 days) after the original date of purchase. All sale shoes are ALL SALES FINAL, there is no warranty on sale shoes and they can't be returned for any reason. Soccer Village will not return a pair of shoes due to blisters, lack of comfort, normal stretching of material or foot pain. Once a shoe has any visible wear, it may not be returned unless there is a manufacturer's defect. All footwear purchases are full warranted for 60 days against defect except sale shoes. Soccer Village will charge a pro-rated fee the greater of $10.00 or 25% per month for usage past the original 60 day warranty period. Footwear returns will not be accepted for the following reasons: If the tongue has been ripped or pulled out, for improper care, dry-rotting, mildew, etc., if there is damage from forcing the heel into the shoe, for worn out soles, for stripped threads in removable cleated shoes, for manufacturer logos coming off, for any cosmetic related issue that does not affect the performance of the shoe or for the elastic strap breaking that holds the tongue down on the shoe. 


Wear and tear on any shoe is based on how much it is worn and what type of surface is played on. Soccer shoes tend to wear out sooner if used on dry hard ground or astro-turf. Both surfaces are abrasive and can cause rapid wear on cleats and uppers in the toe area. Avoid running or playing on asphalt or cement in indoor shoes, as it will result in rapid sole wear. We recommend that serious players who practice and play frequently (high school, college and advance select players) consider one pair of shoes for games and another for practice. A little care will help shoes last much longer. Wet shoes should be air dried slowly and not over a heater. They may be stuffed with paper towels or newspaper to help absorb water. Mink oil should be applied to replace the oil lost in the leather and they should be polished with paste shoe polish. Toe wear can be minimized by coating the toe area with "shoe-goo" or similar compounds adding a buffer to the leather. Shoes should be unlaced when removed to facilitate easier re-entry. Jamming the heel down on the back of a soccer shoe will damage the heel counter and lessen the support of the player's heel and Achilles area. 


There are several preventative measures that you can take to minimize blisters from new shoes. Blisters are very common and in some situations unavoidable. Always make sure that you are wearing sanitary socks (not soccer socks) underneath your shinguards. Wear the shoes several times for short periods of time before playing a game. Keep the shoes tied tight while playing to help reduce foot movement in the shoe. Finally, be fitted by a Soccer Village retail associate before purchasing a new shoe to make sure the shoe fits properly.  


Apparel, jerseys with name and number sets and all other items will not be accepted as a return due to damage from improper laundering or care. Any cosmetic related issue, for example, stripes on shoes, logos screened on shorts, logos on balls, color of shoe or manufacturer's logo on merchandise coming off, is not a reason for return. All items including footwear and goalkeeper gloves may not be returned as determined by the manufacturer from time to time. All Sale merchandise (except sale shoes) can be returned for an exchange or Soccer Village store credit only. 


Goalkeeper gloves will not be accepted for return for any reason one (1) month after the original date of purchase. Wear on the palms and fingers of goalkeeper gloves is not a defect even after the first use. It is recommended to have two pairs of gloves. One for games and the other for practice. It is also recommended to get gloves wet before use. This helps reduce wear on the palms and fingers. 


It is normal for any soccer ball to lose air. Just Re-inflate to proper pressure every 5-7 days being careful to moisten the needle before inserting it into the valve.